Our Vision

To be the best small town festival in the Midwest.

Our Mission

The mission of the Troy Strawberry Festival is to create a vibrant and welcoming festival experience which results in positive recognition and economic impact for the Troy Community and for local non-profit organizations.

Our Core Values

  • Community…The Troy Strawberry Festival must reflect the values of Troy and the Miami County Community where hospitality, collective hard work, high quality of life, and consistent innovation are the foundation for the community culture.
  • Collaboration…The collaborative community culture must enable the Troy Strawberry Festival to be taken from vision to successful implementation through collaboration by the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Troy, Troy City Schools, the Festival Committee and volunteers, area non-profit organizations, business and industry, and the community at large.
  • Sustainability…To fulfill Festival vision and mission, the Troy Strawberry Festival must adhere to a strict organizational and financial viability process that must include designated festival management, strategic planning, budgeting and auditing, and ongoing sponsorship solicitation.
  • Excellence…As a “best festival,” the Troy Strawberry Festival must strive for excellence in all aspects of planning, execution and evaluation. A best practices approach is critical.